Nov 19

Here’s the vision:
We will create a video that tells the story of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth in various ways.

Each participating family, individual, or group will be assigned a portion of the story to interpret however they see fit.  Everyone who is interested in participating is invited, you do not have to have children living in your home!  You could do a dramatic reenactment of the scene, you could make a puppet show, you could tell the story using Lego figures, you could make a short cartoon, you could create a song or write a poem, etc. The creative world is your oyster!  Each scene interpretation should be made into a video between 60-90 seconds long, and submitted to Maggie for compilation and editing.  We will also happily receive visual art representing an element of the story of Jesus’ birth to be used together with the videos, so if you draw, paint, sculpt, or do any other sort of visual art, and would like to create something to be incorporated into the video, we would love to receive pictures of those pieces of artwork. Narrators will also be needed, so if you aren’t feeling creative, you can sign up to read a passage from scripture.

Now, because we will have various people creating the individual scenes, that means we will have multiple people playing the same characters throughout the video. Pretty cool, right?  In order to make this work, we need some way of knowing who’s who!  To that end, there will be some guidelines in terms of costumes:

— Mary should always be wearing at least one (noticeable) thing that is blue
— Joseph should always be wearing something that is green
— All angels should always have some sort of halo
— Shepherds should always have some sort of staff or walking stick
— Wise men should always be carrying some sort of box/gift

Other than that, please feel free to interpret these characters and scenes any way you’d like using items that you have in your home.  Don’t have enough stuffed sheep to make a whole flock? That’s ok, other animals could have been there, WE DON’T KNOW!

Even if you are interpreting a scene using music or poetry, please also incorporate some sort of visual representation of the scene into your video; a costume, a backdrop, etc.

All videos, images, and recordings need to be submitted to Maggie at no later than December 15th, 2020 at 12:00pm.  Videos should be submitted in MP4 format.

Please reply to this Google Form to let us know how you’d like to participate in the Christmas Pageant 2020, and a scene or part will be assigned to you.