The Vestry, comprised of the Rector and twelve elected lay members, meets monthly to conduct parish business. All parish members are welcome to attend Vestry meetings.

Bob Holum, Senior Warden
Maggie Cooke, Junior Warden
Laura Eberly, Chaplain of the Vestry
Bo Burlingham
Kat Lisa
Erin Horne
Ivor Emmanuel
Priscilla Camp
Rebecca Whitney
George Tharisayi
Matt McGinley
Stacey Alexeeff

Officers of the Parish:
Andy Willis, Clerk of the Vestry
Marilyn Flood, Treasurer



Age Specific Formation: Kat Lisa, vestry liaison

Children (Lenore Williamson)
Youth (Emily Hansen Curran, Liz Tichenor, and Phil Brochard)
Twenties & Thirties (TBD)
Adult (Cara Jobson and Rob Johnson)
Vocations (Marilyn Flood)

Justice & Peace: Stacey Alexeeff, vestry liaison

Justice & Peace (Lewis Maldonado)
Open Door Dinner (TBD)
All Souls for Climate Change (Mark Koops-Elson)
All Souls for Racial Justice (TBD)

WORSHIP George Tharisayi, vestry liaison

Choir (Jamie Apgar)
Angel Band (Ed Hofmann)
Hearts on Fire Gospel Choir (Jamie Apgar)
Arts at All Souls (Michelle Barger)
Sacristans (Kathryn Brooks and Ray Concepcion)
Acolytes (Jennifer Ying, Andrew and Katherine Lisa)
Lectors & Intercessors (Scott MacDougall)
Eucharistic Ministers (Caroline McCall)
Ushers & Oblatory (Renae Breitenstein)
Sound Team (TBD)
Eucharistic Visitors (Jennifer Boehler)
Healing Team (Nikky Wood)
Kyakameena Skilled Nursing Facility Ministry (Nikky Wood)


Discipleship & Community: Priscilla vestry liaison
Parish Life (Jeannie Koops-Elson)
Affinity Groups (Ale Souls, All Soles, [Kick]Ball Souls, etc.) (Emily Hansen Curran)
Small Groups (Soup + Story, Listening through Scripture, etc.) (Emily Hansen Curran)
Lunch Bunch (Kathryn Brooks, Julie Burcham)
Spaghetti Again (Ross Laverty)

Evangelism & Welcome: Erin Horne, vestry liaison
Newcomers–Greeters (Emily Hansen Curran)
Sunday Hospitality (Beth and Will Meinberg)
Evangelism (Toni Martinez Bordgfeldt)
Triptych (Emily Hansen Curran)

Pastoral Care: Matt McGinley, vestry liaison
Meals & Rides (Erin Horne)
Clerical Pastoral Care (Liz Tichenor)
Prayer Partners (Liz Tichenor)
Stephen Ministry (Nancy Austin)


Finance: Laura Eberly, vestry liaison
Finance (Marilyn Flood)
Stewardship (Eric Legrand and Richard Lynch)
Counters (Maggie Cooke)

Personnel (Marilyn Flood)
Seminarian Field Education (Phil Brochard)

Property: Ivor Emmanuel, vestry liaison
Facilities Use (Nettie Pinell)
Property and Garden (Nettie Pinell)
Parish House Redevelopment (Ed Hahn)

Communication: Bo Burlingham, vestry liaison
Website, Pathfinder Newsletter, Social Media, and other communications (Liz Tichenor)