All Souls Parish has long sat astride the swift currents of life in Berkeley, California. Located a few blocks from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and the many schools of the Graduate Theological Union, and the University of California, Berkeley, the congregation has benefited over and over again from those who have washed up on our shores. Some practice with us only for a Sunday or two, while others have spent months in our community. Each and every sojourner, from every inhabited continent, have enriched us with their prayers, presence, and perspective, and we have often been able to serve as a port in the storm and a place and a people for worship, service, fellowship, and learning.

Over the years, the parish has also had a generous practice of offering sabbaticals for members of its’ staff, lay and clergy. Both the parish and the staff members have benefited from the opportunity to try on something new, to rest from labor, and to listen deeply for where God is present.

Recently All Souls embarked on a process of reimagining communal life in this part of Berkeley and the result was a new housing community, Jordan Court. Jordan Court houses our parish offices, 34 affordable studio apartments for elders, and two apartments for parish use. Because of the continued gift of sabbath that we have experienced over the years, we have chosen to set aside one of our three bedroom, two bathroom apartments so that clergy and scholars in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion can be in residence with us while on sabbatical.

Residents would be expected to stay with us for one to six months, take part in the life of the parish, and offer service to All Souls while in residence. This could happen in a variety of ways: by leading a course at our teaching hour, preaching or presiding at worship, or by facilitating a training for our leadership. Our hope is that you would be able to both rest and restore as well as offer some of the fruit of your sabbath with the congregation. And, as part of supporting this ministry, we are asking that residents contribute financially to the parish to help defray the costs of the housing.

If you would like to take part in the Sabbath with All Souls program, please email us at We’d be glad to send an application and be in conversation about the possibility of joining us in making church together.