Stewarding Our Time

One of the most valuable things we have to spend is our time. Here are some resources that the Stewardship Team developed to help us reflect on how we use our time, as well as our presence and our power, and how to practice stewarding them faithfully.

2016 Pledge Campaign Resources

Your Stewardship Team has developed these take-home resources for each week of the Annual Pledge Campaign. We hope you will join with us and with one another in common prayer, scriptural reflection, and activities related to the practice of faithful stewardship. You can download the booklet for adults and youth here, or the booklet for kids here, or you can pick them up at church on Sunday.

Make Donations Online

donatenowlogo4Network for Good: If you are willing to cover the transaction fee, thank you. All Souls will receive your entire donation; the fee is also a tax deductible donation for you (unlike PayPal). please add 3% so All Souls receives the funds intended. For example, if you intend to donate $100, enter $103 into the PayPal form.

Pledging at All Souls: Questions and Answers

Why does All Souls need me to pledge?
Like most organizations and households, All Souls makes plans for our ministry based on our anticipated financial and human resources. On the financial side, our budget is the plan we use, and pledges represent the most significant source of income in our annual budget. We need your pledge so that we can plan and budget for our ministry with your generosity in mind.

How much should I pledge?
We encourage you to pledge an amount that represents a proportion of your income. While many people find a “tithe,” the scriptural ten percent, to be a helpful framework, you may find a different level is right for you. Whether you decide to pledge 2%, 10%, 15% or more, we are confident that you will experience spiritual growth from offering from your “first fruits” to further God’s work in the world.

What is a tithe?
A tithe is a pledge to give 10% of your income to the work of God, knowing that all that we are and all that we have are gifts of God.

How much of the budget comes from pledges?
In 2015 70% of budgeted revenue comes from annual pledges and an additional 7.5% comes in the form of one-time donations and special gifts. Financial support from members like you make the church what it is.

I usually put $1/$10/$20 in the offering each Sunday I’m there – isn’t that enough?
It is a meaningful spiritual practice to give something of what we have back to God’s work at each service, even if we pledge. Pledging, however, is a more conscious practice of giving and allows All Souls to budget.

Do I need to pledge in order to attend service at All Souls?
You are welcome at All Souls no matter what you choose to give in the offering plate or as a pledge. We do ask that if you believe in the work that this church is doing, you make a pledge to sustain and expand the ministry of All Souls. Many who pledge say that they feel even closer to this community by committing to help support it financially.

Great, I want to participate – how do I pledge?
Pledge cards are always available at All Souls: see any member of the Stewardship Committee or Vestry, or just introduce yourself to an usher or greeter and say, “Where can I get a pledge card?” Pledges can be fulfilled with checks or via the PayPal link above. You can also arrange direct ACH (electronic check) deposit. The ACH account information is: Routing Number 121102036 and the Account Number is 041840615.

I was traveling/sick/hunkered down writing the Great American Novel and haven’t been to church in a few weeks. I think I missed the pledge card – is it too late?
It is never too late to pledge your support to the ministry of All Souls. Please ask for a pledge card and make your pledge.

My employer makes matching gifts – will All Souls accept those?
Absolutely! Please follow your employer’s process and if you have any questions contact All Souls’ Pledge Secretary, Maggie Cooke.

Thank you for your giving to the life of All Souls Parish!