Stewardship is all we do with all we have. We believe we are called to contribute our time, skills and money to God’s work in the world, including the ministry of All Souls. Check out this video, which sums up our 2021 Stewardship campaign.

Ways to Give to All Souls

Below are the different ways to give to All Souls. But, if you’re wondering which method of giving is best? Click here to find out.

Web Pay: Pay your recurring pledge or make a one-time gift on our custom All Souls donate page. Mobile App: Go to the Apple App Store, or Google Play and download the Give+ app, create an account, sign in, and click the + symbol at the top to make your secure donation.

Bill Pay
: Most banks provide a free on-line secure bill payment service – you can use your bank’s service to make a one-time or recurring payment to All Souls.

Check: You can write a paper check and mail it to the church office, or put it in the offering plate at a service. Please note the purpose of the gift on the memo line.

Cash: When we are able to gather in person, you can contribute cash to the offering plate at a service if you do not need a record for tax purposes.

2021 Pledge Campaign, Questions and Answers

To make your financial pledge for 2021, please fill out this online form or contact the parish office.

Why does All Souls need me to pledge?
Like most organizations and households, All Souls makes plans for our ministry based on our anticipated financial and human resources. On the financial side, our budget is the plan we use, and pledges represent the most significant source of income in our annual budget. We need your pledge so that we can plan and budget for our ministry with your generosity in mind.

How much should I pledge?
We encourage you to pledge an amount that represents a proportion of your income. Many people find a “tithe,” the scriptural ten percent, to be a helpful framework. Inevitably proportional giving raises a number of questions such as:

  • Should the proportion be pre-tax or post-tax income?
  • What if I already donate to other charitable organizations, should those be included in my proportional gift?
  • My income is volatile, because I work on billable hours or commission, does direct proportional giving still apply to me?

There is no single correct answer to these questions, but the place to start is in prayer. Our giving is a response to God’s generosity and an acknowledgement that our possessions are not really ours, but only ours to use. Whatever you pledge, know that you are joined by your fellow parishioners and we are confident that you will experience spiritual growth from offering from your “first fruits” to further God’s work in the world.

Direct proportional giving of 1% or 5% of my income seems like a lot, where do I begin?
Setting aside a proportion of your income for God’s work is a discipline of the spirit. As such it might seem like a big step to take. We recommend that you discern in prayer at what level you would like to give and set a plan to get there over 3 to 5 years. Take a look at this sheet to have an idea of how these different percentages might play out for you.

How much of the budget comes from pledges?
In 2020, we are planning to cover approximately 70% of our expenses through annual pledges.

I usually put $1/$10/$20 in the offering each Sunday I’m there – isn’t that enough?
It is a meaningful spiritual practice to give something of what we have back to God’s work at each service, even if we give $1 per week. Pledging, however, can be a more conscious and intentional practice of giving of your resources and allows All Souls to budget its expenses for the year.

Do I need to pledge in order to attend service at All Souls?
You are welcome at All Souls no matter what you choose to give. We do ask that if you believe in the work that this church is doing, you make a pledge to sustain and expand the ministry of All Souls. Many who pledge say that they feel even closer to this community by committing to help support it financially.

Great, I want to participate – how do I pledge?
You can pay your pledge using one of the methods listed at the top of this page.

My employer makes matching gifts – will All Souls accept those?
Absolutely! Please follow your employer’s process and if you have any questions contact the parish office.

I have more questions, who can I ask?
A member of the clergy or stewardship team would be happy to talk and help you find answers to your questions. Reach out to the parish office to get the conversation started.

Thank you for your giving to the life of All Souls Parish!