A Mystical Path with a Progressive Edge
We are open and progressive in our approach to matters of faith and social issues and we are rooted in the ancient Anglican tradition. We see our experience in the light of those who have gone before and with a vigilant eye toward those who are yet to come. We often say that we exist more for those who are not yet with us, or will never be with us, than we do for ourselves alone. This is a place where questioning is welcome, where you are not required to abandon your intellect or your doubts while you deepen your sense of faith. As we value the beauty and richness of our Anglican heritage of music, liturgy, poetry, and prayer, we seek fresh ways of bringing new life to that tradition.

We are proud to be a part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, representing over 80 million Christians throughout the world, the majority of whom are now in Africa. Our origins are in the Church of England, born of the Reformation in the period of Henry VIII in the 16th century, yet retaining the liturgy and spiritual traditions of the ancient Christian church. Ours is a remarkably flexible and open tradition, including elements of both Protestantism and Catholicism, as well as one that takes an honest approach to the pursuit of truth. In many ways this is a poetic spiritual path that encourages questioning and allows for considerable room to breathe.

Welcome for All
All Souls Parish strives to welcome all who come to us—young and old, families and singles, couples, and people of all backgrounds and racial and ethnic groups. Children are celebrated at the heart of our life together. We are an Oasis congregation, which means we have made a commitment to be a haven for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

The All Souls Vision Statement

We seek to follow Jesus in his boldness, courage, and compassion. As a parish we are called to live into a shared vision:

Loving God, we worship in joyful celebration and in prayerful stillness. All Souls’ services, rooted in foundational Anglican faith and practice, integrate varied musical styles, the richness of the arts, and liturgies responsive to the needs of our community. Strengthened by our common devotion, we strive for the reconciliation of a broken world through our daily practices, our mutual ministry, and our struggles for justice.

Following Jesus, we open our hearts to all. We invite all who seek Christ deep into our parish family, engaging individual gifts through mutual discernment. We foster spiritual kinship with one another, especially across generations and diverse backgrounds. Teaching and learning at every stage of life strengthens us for discipleship, preparing us to love, to lead, and to serve. Families flourish at All Souls, and our youth come to know Christ through spiritual formation, action in the world, and meaningful participation at the center of our parish life.

Trusting the Spirit, we challenge ourselves to be vulnerable and to forgive freely. We confront barriers to inclusion within our hearts, our practices, and our facilities. We encounter the Holy through Gospel-inspired service, working side by side with our sisters and brothers in the wider community.  We engage in this transformative ministry in communion with the larger Church and in collaboration with all who share our vision, our resilience strengthened by the grace of God made known to us in the self-giving love of Jesus Christ.