The Christian life is, at its heart, a life of prayer. When we gather each Sunday, we join the entire Church in all ages in the great prayer of the church, the Eucharist. Our communal prayer is enriched by individual prayer and devotion, as we lay our own experiences at the altar of God.

As we return to the world, our prayer continues throughout the week: events in the news prompt our concern, we share companionship with others as our life journeys come together, and we seek to serve Christ in all those we meet. The life of the parish continues in prayer as well: in reading and study of the Scriptures, in gathering to make music, and in meeting to share the walk of faith, we learn to hear God’s voice, returning again and again to break bread around the family table where we meet as a parish family, the Body of Christ.

We have many particular ways to support our common life in prayer. Our Prayer Partner email list shares the concerns of those who ask for ongoing prayer in their lives; the Prayers of the People are part of the Sunday liturgy where parishioners serve as intercessors to lead us in prayer for the wider church and the world; and classes and printed resources are available to highlight particular modes of prayer that resonate for individuals within the parish family. We are always seeking new ways of encountering the living God in prayer, through contemplation, study, and action. To add someone to either the Sunday prayer list, please email our parish administrative assistant, To add someone to the Prayer Partner list, please email Phil,