What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry is a caring ministry in which trained laypersons provide confidential, one-to-one, Christian care. We care for people who are struggling with a crisis such as death of a spouse or child, loss of home or job or a loved one, diagnosis of a serious illness, relocation, loneliness, or perhaps just a rough patch in life’s journey.

Who is involved in Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministers are members of the parish who are trained as care givers. We have completed over 50 hours of training in Christian care giving. The training topics include listening, feelings, boundaries, confidentiality, assertiveness, and using Christian resources in care giving. Additionally, we are trained to provide care in specialized situations such divorce, hospitalization, bereavement, and aging.

But, Stephen Ministers are not counselors; we are trained care givers whose role is to be present, to listen actively, reflect thoughts and feelings, and to care. We usually meet with our care receivers once a week for about an hour for as long as they continue to benefit from the relationship. Everything that happens in these meetings is confidential; even the relationship itself is confidential.

We meet twice a month for peer supervision in which we help each other to be faithful and effective care givers, and hold each other accountable for perform our ministry for the benefit of our care receivers.

To learn more, see the very informative website of the national Steven Ministries organization here.

Stephen Leaders are members of our congregation who oversee and direct our Stephen Ministry. They recruit, select, train, organize, and supervise our Stephen Ministers and match people in need of care with Stephen Ministers.

Stephen Leaders: Nancy Austin, Christina Robinson, Raymond Yee, and Madeline Feeley
Active Stephen Ministers by year of Commission
2009 – Madeline Feeley
2011 – Marilyn Flood, Bruce Morrow
2012 – Tom Reilly
2014 – Christina Robinson
2016 – Nancy Austin, Carol Terry
2018 – Ed Moore, Nancy Pryer, Raymond Yee

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How can I receive a Stephen Minister’s care?

If you feel that you could benefit from having a Stephen Minister, please contact Rector Phil Brochard, or one of the Stephen Leaders mentioned here through the parish office: call 510-848-1755 or allsouls@allsoulsparish.org.