Our approach to adult spiritual formation involves the acceptance of doubt and the forthright encouragement of inquiry as mature and unthreatening spiritual values. At All Souls, this engagement with the truths passed down through the centuries and present in our day can happen in many ways. Whether it is in the large, parish-wide programs in Advent and Lent with world-renowned speakers, topical series on everyday issues of Christian ethics or smaller groups under lay and clergy leadership that meet regularly for Bible study, there are many opportunities throughout the year to deepen your understanding of the Christian life. Most classes meet for about an hour at 10:10 am on Sundays. We generally have three options: a lectionary Bible study and two other classes that change every month or so.

2018-2019 Formation Poster

Spring Adult Formation Classes

May 19 – June 2, meeting at 10:10a:

I Feel for You: exploring the art and science of compassion
Rob Johnson and special guests, meeting in the Common Room

Compassion. It’s one of those words that feels so positive and pristine, it almost has a halo around it. Yet when we try to live out compassion in our everyday lives in the real world, things often become messy and difficult. What does it mean to live a life of compassion when we are bombarded by stories and images of others’ suffering via the media? Should there be limits on who is worthy of our compassion, in a nation with school shooters and literal Nazis? Can compassion lead to enabling people? How do we keep from burning out on compassion, from falling into “compassion fatigue”? In this class, we’ll delve into the questions of how to develop a robust, embodied spirituality of compassion in the messiness of the real world. Over the course of three weeks, we’ll explore compassion (and its close cousin, empathy) through the lenses of science, scripture, and faith. Come join us as we wrestle with this deeply meaningful, deeply challenging topic together.

With the Least of These: Criminal justice, poverty, and the Christian perspective
Kaki Logan and Don Gates, meeting in the Parish Hall

This three part series attempts to build awareness of how the criminal justice system weighs most heavily on the poor, of the interplay of poverty, justice and race, and of what we are called to do as a Christian community. Session 2 will feature a guest speaker from a leading criminal justice reform organization.


Reading Between the Lines: Lectionary-based Bible Study 
Join us as we study one of the texts for the following Sunday in a lectionary-based Bible study designed for small groups. We meet in the Common Room right after the 7:30 am service, in the Chapel during the 10:10 formation hour, or on Thursdays at 11 am in the Common Room. On-going class; drop-in, occasional attendees welcome.