Our approach to adult spiritual formation involves the acceptance of doubt and the forthright encouragement of inquiry as mature and unthreatening spiritual values. At All Souls, this engagement with the truths passed down through the centuries and present in our day can happen in many ways. Whether it is in the large, parish-wide programs in Advent and Lent with world-renowned speakers, topical series on everyday issues of Christian ethics or smaller groups under lay and clergy leadership that meet regularly for Bible study, there are many opportunities throughout the year to deepen your understanding of the Christian life. Most classes meet for about an hour at 10:10 am on Sundays. We generally have three options: a lectionary Bible study and two other classes that change every month or so.

2020-2021 Formation Poster

Current class offerings:

The Prophets––November 29, December 6, December 13th taught by the Rev. Michael Lemaire on Zoom at 10:10a on Sundays. We live in prophetic times! You need only go to the grocery store to see people with wild untamed hair and parents sporting thousand-yard stares. From pandemic and wildfires to a new reckoning with racial injustice and a bitterly divisive election to say nothing of home schooling, 2020 has been a year of calamity worthy of the prophets. Like them, hate them or maybe a bit of both, the prophets are polarizing figures whose lives and message are full of challenge and hyperbole. This class will turn to the prophetic tradition in scripture to explore what sort of people the prophets were, what kinds of things they cared about, and how we might engage our prophetic imagination to confront our own troubled times. Click here to access the Zoom link.


Reading Between the Lines: Lectionary-based Bible Study 
Join us as we study one of the texts for the following Sunday in a lectionary-based Bible study designed for small groups. We meet on Zoom at 7:30 am (see Margaret Sparks, msparks457@aol.com), and again at 10:10a on Zoom during our formation hour (see Daniel Prechtel, dprechtel1@gmail.com). On-going classes; drop-in, occasional attendees welcome.