There are many great ways for families with children of any and all ages to practice and develop their faith and spirituality together at home. On these pages, we are gathering and building out resources and practices that you might want to try out at home.

During summer 2019, Sunday School at All Souls will have a decidedly different feel for our children. We are having all our Sunday School classes outside on the playground where the kids will have space to play and the adults can have a chance to chat as well.

Each Sunday will also focus on a theme: a family practice, including take-home resources with some ideas and suggestions for ways your family might make a change or two to our normal schedule. We’ll be sharing them here as well, so that as you travel and adventure this summer, you can also gather some more tools and ways to come together as a family in faith.

Summer Calendar:

July 7th: Prayer at mealtime

July 14th: Making Sabbath time

July 21st: Big Sur Campout Weekend – no Family Formation class

July 28th: Sharing Bible Stories

August 4th: Prayer everyday

August 11th: Sharing abundance

August 18th: Practicing Gratitude