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The Resurrection

Join us on Sunday, April 11th, 18th, and 25th at 10:10a for a three-week course on the Resurrection with the Rev. Michael Lemaire.  Click here for the class link.

The Resurrection is a central part of the Christian faith both that Jesus was resurrected but that we as Christians share in the resurrection. For me this has been something I have believed, affirmed in the creeds, but have actually spent little time exploring. How do we understand the resurrection today? What did the people of Jesus’s time believe about life after death? What did his disciples mean by the resurrection and how best can we understand their experience? How does the understanding of the resurrection evolve both in Paul and later through the different Gospels?

 This is a large topic and so I have decided to break it down into three parts over the next year or so. This spring 2021, we will begin by discussing the task of investigating the resurrection from our position 2000 years after the event. We will discuss the pagan worlds understanding of life after death particularly as articulated by Homer and Plato. In the second class, we will explore the range of understandings of life after death in the Hebrew Bible. Finally, in the third class, we will explore the range of beliefs in the Jewish community in the period of Second Temple Judaism and how the claims of the Jesus movement were similar or different from those beliefs. Next fall 2021, we will take up the writings of Paul and explore his conversion experience and encounter with the resurrected Jesus as well as his writings in the various letters that begin with 1Thessalonians roughly twenty years after the resurrection and continuing through his letters to the Corinthians. Next spring, 2022, I want to take up the various Gospel traditions that tell of the resurrection and look at each Gospel in turn from the empty tomb in Mark, to the encounters of the resurrection at the tomb in Matthew, the Emmaus story in Luke, and finally the story of Thomas in John 20 and the appearance of Jesus on the beach in John 21. It is my hope that this journey together will enrich our faith by clarifying both our questions about the resurrection as well as our hopes in the resurrection. 

Up next: Restorations & Reparations with the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers & friends. May 2nd, 16th, 23rd, & 30th. Click here to enter the class on May 2nd. Class starts at 10:10a.

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