Celebrate and practice Easter with us!

It begins on April 20th and 21st, but continues for 50 days — there is a whole season of Easter, full of joyous song, unrelenting hope, and recommitting ourselves to live in this liberating way. And, really, Easter is a way of life, all year long. We talk about being “Easter People” — which is to say, we reach for hope when it seems outwardly absurd, we work for liberation when the everything seems bound, we continually reach to trust in resurrection, even when all we can see is the possibility of possibility. This is how we seek to shape our lives. It begins on with these two glorious days, and absolutely all are welcome.

Easter Vigil, April 20

8:30 pm (beginning in the courtyard)vigil fire

The Easter Vigil is a night unlike any other. We begin as dark falls out in the courtyard, where we kindle the new fire of Easter, light incense, and bring candles into the darkened church.

We retell the stories that make up our faith, interspersed with ancient midrash, contemporary poems, and much music.

We celebrate immersion baptisms — not a common sight in Episcopal Churches, kalonicas baptism1but a practice we have found to deeply reflect this profound way we are committing ourselves to living.

We remember the saints who have gone before us as we process down Cedar Street, and return to a bright church and the ringing alleluias of Easter. (Bring bells!) We share communion, joyful to be feasting again. It’s a long service — outside of time, really — with sweeping music and a festive reception to follow. This night is the heart of Easter for us. It is the core of who we are.


Easter Day, April 21

easter lilies Holy Eucharist:
7:30 (chapel) and 9:00 and 11:15 am (main church)

10:15 am: Easter Egg Hunt, courtyard

The 7:30 service is a more quiet joy, with spoken word in our chapel. The 9:00 and 11:15 services are full, with robust music, including brass and our full choir. Children are most welcome at all services, and if they wish, they may leave the main service to attend Children’s Chapel during the sermon. We share in the Eucharist together, and all who seek Christ are welcome to receive. A festive reception follows each service. We will also be celebrating baptisms at the 11:15 service, and there will be incense used.