We tried something new in 2017. Similar to the picture-a-day practice that we have sometimes kept during Advent and Lent, we tried a haiku a day for the season. Each morning, we posted a word on our Facebook page for you to meditate on. You can also see the words for all of Lent below. Then everyone was invited to write a haiku (five syllables/seven syllables/five syllables) and post it as a comment on our page or on their own Facebook page with the tag #haikuforlent.



We are dust whirling
blown by wind through air we fly
morphing into shapes
– Keller

From dust we ignite
our spirit kindles within
thus burning brightly
– Lenore

tracing marks of death
in ash, a strange way to tell
friends that you love them
– Phil

Home, dirty forehead.
My son asks, as always, why?
Me: We’re dust. Him: How?
– Adam

Blessed from birth to death
by the dance in the middle
turning us to dust.
– Laura


In austerity
marked by unfamiliar dust
breathe and flow forward
– Caroline

Lent – austerity
Giving up, yet giving in
Sweet peaceful silence
– Billie

After Rome, for years,
Reverse fasted: ate the meat,
gave up giving up.
– Adam

Is austerity
simplicity, then? To do
more with less. Just this.
– Grace


Oh great Mystery,
unfamiliar to your world,
lead us into life.
– Daniel

The ground is too soft
For this unfamiliar growth
God is my strength
– Sharon

The unfamiliar
beckons to me silently
and I hesitate.
– Cathy

Walk with me a while
Down an unfamiliar path
Where the Spirit leads
– Ari

Don’t fret, it’s simple
Watch this path here, not beyond
Where the fog rolls in
– Liz

I want chocolate
But it’s Lent so I abstain
Do I miss the point?
– Jim

Breathing with intent
Searching for elusive path
Of simplicity
– Pat

If we strip it all
back to the bone, or just the
rawest heart – then what?

Truth or beauty or
some God-awful nothingness?
Or maybe just grace.
– Jeannie


Typical Sunday
Meeting the ineffable
Tasting bread and wine
– Daniel

Light ineffable
The Spirit plays the playa
They dance and hold and…
– Aaron

Ineffable light
Sets the yearning heart on fire
Spirit enters in
– Ari


The journey is long
Often with uncertainties
My help is in faith
– Sara

I’m too cranky to
square this haiku. I blame Lent.
The journey’s long already.
– Jeannie

Wherever you are
In your spiritual journey,
You are welcome here.
– Mary

“One foot in front of
The other,” they sang to me.
Then I tripped again.
– Tripp

There was a time when
I worried about time
Now I just let go
– Sierra


the sprout pushes up
bringing hope and comfort to
all who are ready
– Keller and Richard

A volunteer sprout
the existential question
to pull or not to…..
– Caroline

The little green sprout
pokes cautiously through the soul.
Is it time yet, God?
– Cathy

A sprout pushes up
Through the soil into the light
Roots stretch out below
– Ari


I didn’t do it.
What are we talking about?
Oh, that. Yes, I did.
– Debra

Guilt is always found
In not enough, gone too much
But love is found here
– Holly

Original sin
that spreads, chokes the thorny ground –
white guilt is a weed.
– Laura

To “live with your guilt”
Was my grandmother’s advice
I choose repentance
– Caroline


a·bun·dance a·bounds
un·du·lat·ing waves re·dound
o·ver·flow·ing found
– Aaron

The rain falls upon
The just and unjust alike
Precipitous grace
– Tripp

Is this true abundance:
To have more than I need today?
Unsure. Perhaps. If shared.
– Adam

Love in abundance
Water poured onto my head
A sip of wine, bread.
– Bob


Is not a win-win.
Not an investment or fair trade.
It is lost. A gift.
– Jeannie

Sacrifice yourself
let the cool air shatter you
then be in heaven
– Keller

What true sacrifice
are we willing to offer
for Earth’s well-being?
– Daniel