Phoenixes2014When you are in your 20s or 30s, life looks different than it does when you are 15 or 50. Join the Phoenixes, the 20s & 30s social and service group of All Souls, to celebrate your faith among peers. We are a group to support and encourage, whether you are single or married, with or without kids, “real world” or a student.

The group is currently structured with a core team of three leaders who organize institutional support and create at least one gathering a month for the group. Other members may suggest and organize gatherings at any time. We communicate primarily via email through a Google Group.

Monthly activities are planned by the core leadership team, but members use our Google Group to suggest volunteer opportunities, small groups, Bible study, and social events, as the inspiration arises. A brief history of Phoenixes events includes brunch-for-dinner potlucks, game nights, highly popular “Stump the Rector” outings, and volunteering with local homeless shelters and environmental stewardship organizations.

Interested? Have questions? Ask a greeter when you visit on Sunday, and they will connect you with other Phoenixes.

We look forward to meeting you!