flowersThe sacristans prepare and care for the church altar and sanctuary whenever services are held in the main church or chapel. They maintain vessels and vestments associated with worship services, along with the many candles and torches used in procession and worship.

Flower arrangers prepare the flowers for Sundays and other services, as well as for weddings, memorials, and other special occasions. Flowers from the church are often sent to homebound parishioners and the Kyakameena Nursing Home.

The whole-wheat bread and the gluten-free bread we use for communion is provided by a group of bread bakers who are members of the parish.

Vessels and Appointments

vessels1-thAt a recent service, Fr. Brochard noticed that the chalice being used for wine was engraved “All Soul’s Chapel, St. Mark’s Parish, Easter 1909”. He commented to the parish at the 10 am service that it was the 100th anniversary of the chalice. However, that chalice is not the oldest item regularly used at All Souls during worship services. The Missal stand dates from before the chalice, and is engraved “All Souls Chapel, 1907.”

vessels2-thThree days after the first vicar was installed at All Souls’ Chapel in 1906, the great San Francisco earthquake made many San Franciscans homeless and caused a rapid growth in the East Bay as refugees from San Francisco moved across. The small Chapter House was not large enough to accommodate all of the newcomers, and the All Souls’ Chapel (“the old church”) was quickly built. The Missal stand may well have been given to commemorate the opening of the new church.

We also use a vase engraved “All Souls Chapel, Easter 1916,” and a wine cruet engraved “All Souls, Easter 1917.” The cruet used for water was given later in memory of Catherine Roberta Wilson by the Young People’s Fellowship, to commemorate her short life from 1902 to 1925. All Souls has, and uses, many other items given in memory of parishioners.

Two candlesticks and the two candelabra, all used at the Easter service, were given in memory of Charlotte Rogers Wright on Easter 1919. We have a pair of vases given in memory of Charles Fremont Pond and Emma McHenry Pond. Admiral Pond was a career naval officer who was captain of U.S.S. Pennsylvania, when it was fitted with a wooden deck to become the first naval vessel to have an aircraft land on it. His wife Emma was a noted landscape artist. After Charles’ retirement, the couple lived on Ridge Road and attended All Souls until his death in 1929. John Graves remembered Admiral Pond as the distinguished man who strode down the aisle in church in a black frock coat.

There are many other items used regularly which were given in memory of a parishioners. In the recent past, a paten was given in Memory of Gertrude Watts and a plaque in the chapel given in memory of Margaret Lea Beede, who was senior warden in the 1970s. Next time you enter the nave, stop for moment to remember Maria Burwell Anderson, in whose memory the Baptismal font was given. Just a few of the many souls we ought to remember, as we hope that God will remember us now and when it is our time to join the communion of souls.