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St. Augustine famously said, “Those who sing pray twice,” a theology of music that permeates life at All Souls. As such, we regard everyone gathered as an integral part of the music program. Music at All Souls reflects the diversity of our parish membership, with repertoire spanning a wide range of Christian practice.

We may sing chants from the Roman (Gregorian), Orthodox, and Taizé traditions; hymns from 16th-century Germany, 19th-century England, and 21st-century America; and folk spirituals from Appalachia along with African-American spirituals and Gospel music, all knit together into a coherent whole within a single service. We take great joy in our inheritance from the past, as well as in exploring new music that may come to nurture those who will come to follow us in faith.

All Souls sponsors three volunteer member groups, each with a different focus. Singers are actively encouraged to participate in more than one group as their time and interest allow. New members are always welcome!

  • The Parish Choir has a long history of faithful leadership of the All Souls music program, drawing on an extensive library in singing every Sunday, as well as on major holy days throughout the year.
  • The Angel Band specializes in American roots music, gospel bluegrass, and southern harmony, while seeking out other repertoire that suits the group’s ever-evolving instrumentation and combination of voices.
  • The Hearts on Fire Gospel Choir features gospel music accompanied by drums, electric guitar, and piano.

If you compose or perform music with a spiritual basis, we would like to hear from you! Singers and instrumentalists (including electronic instruments) are invited to contact Dr. Jamie Apgar, the Associate for Music, to learn about possibilities for sharing your gifts and gaining experience playing in public, in the context of a warm and welcoming church service.