HOFGC-Logo-onwhiteMusic is big. It’s bold. Through all history it’s been used to communicate, transform, and create a shared human experience.

Music speaks to us in a way no other mode of communication does. The act of using our voices, getting lost in rhythm and sound, is unique to music. When we can’t find any other way to share our innermost feelings, we sing.

Music can convey the breadth of our common understanding as we reach toward the common goal of blending our voices into one. We work on awareness of the other and in so doing, we discover that we are all the same in our yearnings for connection and understanding.

Gospel music in particular, with its history of longing, is tailor-made to create such an experience. Gospel music explores not the idea of the sacred, but the visceral, flesh-and-blood experiences of being human. The music maps out not only the transcendent feeling of togetherness, but it also delves deep into the darkness at the heart of the human soul.


Hearts on Fire Gospel Choir in August, 2015

This is music born in the need to communicate secrets in the face of oppression, and in the desire to create a bone-deep bond between both the people singing and those listening. In this way, gospel is unique—it is dependent on the involvement of both creator and audience. In the most transcendent musical experiences, the line between performer and audience disappears, and all are swept into the joy—and sorrow—that is who we are at our core.

This is also why it is not important if you do, or don’t, believe in God. Gospel is about the connections to each other as much as it is about a connection to the sacred. The beauty of such a rich musical tradition is that the feeling of the participant trumps any other consideration. Anyone who yearns, who longs for connection to another, anyone in such circumstances can create a transcendent space for all.

It is from these thoughts and considerations that Hearts On Fire Gospel Choir has been forged. Bring your heart, bring your voice, bring your soul!

To audition to join, please contact Katie McGonigal: 510-685-6779