amfas-flier-thPresented at All Souls Parish, June, 2006

“What you have hunted me for is not my actions, but the thoughts of my heart. It is a long road you have opened. For first men will disclaim their hearts and presently they will have no hearts. God help the people whose Statesmen walk your road.”


Common Man – Edward Moore
Thomas More – Roger Glassey
Alice More – Patricia Jones
Margaret More – Lilly Cantor
Duke of Norfolk – Kenneth Powell
Richard Rich – Anthony Steiner
Cardinal Wolsey – David Stevens
Cromwell – Allan Godwin
Signor Chapuys – Ted Geilen
Spanish Attendant – Devon Brinner
William Roper – Michael Eklund
King Henry VIII – Matthew Cantor
Catherine Anger – Catherine Thompson
Archbishop Cranmer – William Donald
Henry’s Entourage – Cathy Thompson, Martin Taber