The coming together of two people, before God and God’s people, is a joyous time. As the Episcopal prayer book says, it is at a wedding in Cana of Galilee that Jesus performed his first miracle. Most often those wishing to marry at All Souls are members of the parish, and though on occasion we celebrate the marriage of couples who are not members, we expect all couples to have an ongoing pastoral relationship. At least one person of the couple must be a baptized Christian (though not an Episcopalian), and we welcome both traditional and same-sex couples. We must have at least three months notice prior to the wedding, and four or more counseling sessions are required with the officiating priest. Under special circumstances, weddings may be celebrated in locations other than the main church. In all weddings performed in the church, the parish music director must be consulted about and compensated for the music performed. For further information and fee schedule, as well as to make an appointment to discuss wedding plans, please call or email the church office.

Funerals and Memorial Services

In the Christian church, a funeral or memorial service for one who has died serves as a communal time for mourning, an opportunity to remember the departed, and a time to proclaim the resurrection promised by Christ. For the celebration of a funeral, memorial service, or burial, please call the church office to make an appointment with the rector or another priest on the staff. Grief counseling is available upon request. Our music director will be available or will recommend a suitable substitute musician for the occasion. Please contact us for more information.