Jul 22

“Nothing is ever finished, everything just goes on and on, there are no boundaries, not  even between the living and the dead, even that zone is quivering and uncertain.”  Karl Ove Knausgaard A Time for Everything 

As a beginner in the reading of scripture I am continually struck by how  proximate God’s relationship was with our ancient forebears. From the Hebrew  Bible on through the Gospels, the bond between the human and divine feels  intimate, passionate, God right there to praise and decree, punish or reward.  Or, failing the personal appearance, he’d dispatch his trusted emissaries,  those otherworldly beings aglow with transcendent light, God’s angels.   In A Time for Everything, Karl Ove Knausgaard’s inspired and thoroughly  imagined novel, the writer asks, Where are God’s envoys now, when we and the  rest of the natural world are in such dire need of intercession? Why is it exactly  now that angels no longer visit us?  

 In answer, the novelist posits a life of the 16th century theologian Antinous  Bellori, whose scholarly writings On the Nature of Angels recount those parts  played by angelic beings in the stories of Cain and Abel, Noah, Lot, and the  prophet Ezekiel as he foretells Christ’s sacrifice.  

 We’ll meet in both the Parish Hall and on All Souls’ Zoom at 10:10 during  the Sunday Formation Hour. Here are the dates and page assignments. 

 July 25 (pp. 7 – 136) 

 August 1 (pp. 137 – 241) 

 August 8 (pp. 242 – 334) 

 August 15 (pp. 335 – 499) 

 We hope you’ll join us in discussion of this compelling book by one the  most important novelists of our time.

Jul 29

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