glass-fishThe best way to join All Souls is to participate in our worship of the living God on Sundays, because it is from this common worship that our lives extend. If you feel at home here we encourage you to take part in the greater life of the parish, by gathering with others at All Souls, through service, and by deepening in the understanding in the faith. Along the way, the clergy and staff of the parish are glad to meet to talk about what has brought you to this place and how life in this community might be serve to deepen your faith. This deeper personal commitment often is witnessed to through the initiatory rites of the Church: baptism, confirmation, or reception.

We ask members to be active participants in the life of the parish. This includes supporting the community in several ways, by engaging in a regular practice of faith, by caring for those inside and outside of our walls, by taking part in the week-to-week life of All Souls, and by making a financial pledge for the work and mission of the parish. We hope that this communal expression of life in God will offer you what we all seek: the transforming, life-giving love of God. For a more detailed explanation of the responsibilities that members of All Souls take on, you can read the Membership Expectations here.

You might also look through this digital booklet, which is aimed at helping you find a place here at All Souls. There is a lot that we do everyday, but our hope is that this community and what you do here helps bring you to life. Please note that this booklet is not up-to-date with Covid-19 changes around church, but take a look anyway as it will give you an idea of the sorts of things we do here.

In addition to the booklet above, you can follow the links below for more information on any particular ministry. You can also email Emily Hansen Curran, to talk about how you’d like to get involved.