The Vestry, comprised of the Rector and twelve elected lay members, meets monthly to conduct parish business. All parish members are welcome to attend Vestry meetings.

Melissa Devereaux, Senior Warden
Irina Wolf Carriere, Junior Warden
Nydia MacGregor and Tim Ereneta, Chaplains of the Vestry

Shawn Adderly
Jennifer Akiyama
Jill Anderson
Tonantzin Martinez Borgfeldt
Nathan Brostrom
Sarah Kern
Kirk Miller
Kim Wong

Officers of the Parish:
Suzanne Siebert, Clerk of the Vestry
Shelley Altura, Treasurer


ACTION Ministries
Finance: Kirk Miller
Finance (Shelley Altura)
Stewardship (Dierdre Nurre)
Counters (Maggie Cooke)

Personnel: Kirk Miller
Personnel (Marilyn Flood)
Seminarian Field Education (Phil Brochard)

Property: Kirk Miller
Facilities Use (Annie Rovzar)
Property and Garden (Annie Rovzar)
Jordan Court (Ed Hahn)

Justice & Peace: Nathan Brostrum
Justice & Peace (Lewis Maldonado & Janet Chisholm)
Open Door Dinner (Pat Jones and Don Gates)
All Souls for Climate Change (Kaki Logan & Paloma Pavel)
All Souls for Racial Justice (Michael Lewis, Wendy Calimag, and Don Gates)

Communication: Toni Martinez-Borgfeldt
Website, Pathfinder Newsletter, Social Media, and other communications (Maggie Foote)

Evangelism & Welcome: Toni Martinez Borgfeldt
Newcomers–Greeters (Emily Hansen Curran)
Sunday Hospitality (TBD)
Evangelism (Toni Martinez Borgfeldt)
Triptych (Toni Martinez Borgfeldt)


Children and Family: Shawn Adderly
Children & Family (Rev. Maggie Foote)

Youth: Jill Anderson
Youth Ministry (Rev. Maggie Foote)

Adults: Tim Ereneta
Adult (Anne Yardley)
Vocations (Marilyn Flood)


Discipleship & Community:  Sarah Kern & Nydia McGregor
Parish Life (Jeannie Koops)
Affinity Groups (Emily Hansen Curran)
Spaghetti Again (George Tharisayi, Bob Cross, Kirk Miller, John Cockle)

Pastoral Care: Irina Carriere
Meals & Rides (Cathy Goshorn)
Clerical Pastoral Care (Rev. Maggie Foote)
Caring Calls (Priscilla Camp & Gloria Bayne)
Prayer Chain (Rev. Maggie Foote)
Stephen Ministry (Madeline Feeley)

WORSHIP Ministries

Music & Arts: Melissa Devereaux
Choir (Dr. Jamie Apgar)
Angel Band (Ed Hofmann)
Arts at All Souls (Diane Haavik)

Service to the Service: Kim Wong
Sacristans (TBD)
Acolytes (Rev. Maggie Foote, Rev. Phil Brochard)
Lectors & Intercessors (Scott McDougall)
Eucharistic Ministers (TBD)
Ushers & Oblators (Renae Breitenstein)
Sound Team (Emily Hansen Curran)

Extending Sundays: Jennifer Akiyama
Eucharistic Visitors (TBD)
Healing Team (TBD)
Kyakameena (Julie Holcomb, Elena Ramirez, Carol Terry)
Streaming & Digital (Charlie Myers, Jim Feeley)
Sunday Night & Sunday Morning (Emily Hansen Curran)