Many in the All Souls Parish community offer counseling and support to those in need. The Rector and other parish clergy are available by appointment for counseling and spiritual direction. In times of crisis and emergency, members of the clergy make pastoral visits in-home and in the hospital, as both pastors and sacramental ministers. For ongoing counseling, it is expected that a clergy person refer a care receiver to a trained therapist or other psychiatric or psychological professional after three meetings.

All Souls has been gifted with the presence of Stephen Ministry. Stephen Ministers are trained care givers who walk with another person in a time of difficulty.

Members of the congregation regularly reach out to others in need of a listening ear. This happens informally whenever we gather and intentionally when asked for. One particular way these visits are made is by Lay Eucharistic Visitors who visit parishioners unable to attend Sunday worship. The Visitors bring the bread and wine of that day’s Eucharist as well as the sense of the All Souls community to those in hospital or home-bound.