From the Rector

In Praise of Partners

The more that I practice ordained ministry, the more that I understand why Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs to proclaim and inhabit the Realm of God. The work of healing, teaching, serving, listening, singing, and praying needs to be done with others. Simply put, we are not meant to walk this path alone, and today I’d like to give thanks for one of All Souls’ longest-standing partners, the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

CDSP began forming and educating clergy at first in San Mateo, then on the Cathedral close in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake, and finally in Berkeley in 1924, almost two decades after All Souls had been planted at the corner of Cedar and Spruce. It seems that as soon as CDSP found its way to Holy Hill, a partnership of mutual support and common mission began to emerge. Parishioners of All Souls have served as staff and faculty of CDSP, (a professor from CDSP, the Rev. Dr. Herbert Powell even served as locum tenens for All Souls while our Vicar was a chaplain during World War I), and more than a few All Soulsians have been formed at CDSP to serve a variety of roles in the Church. 

And for decades and decades, almost a century actually, All Souls has served as a site for field education, a two year time when students are asked to take their theoretical training and apply it “in the field” of a congregation. In many ways it’s because of this history that I’ve come to understand All Souls as a kind of a teaching hospital, one where we are always teaching and learning and providing a window into congregational life for those preparing to be leaders of it.

Since I’ve been the Rector of All Souls, we’ve had 17 seminarians serve with us at some point during their formation, and on Saturday at 10:30am in the St. Margaret’s Courtyard at CDSP (and streamed through their site) you can cheer on one of our own seminarians, Dan Carlson, as he graduates with his Masters of Divinity. (later this summer Dan and Kim will be headed up to Portland where he’ll be a Curate at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, serving with another former seminarian of All Souls, the Rev. Martin Elfert) It is one of the gifts of my position to walk alongside seminarians, learning from their experiences, skills, and gifts, while offering them the lessons I have learned from this parish over the years. They continue to give me hope for a Church that we are becoming.

Our partnership with CDSP has become even closer in the past few years as our Associate for Music, Dr. Jamie Apgar, has also served as the Chapel Musician and Lecturer in Church Music. With Jamie and Melanie heading back to the East Coast this summer, we have been conducting a joint search with CDSP for a musician. Time and time again it has been made clear to me that though we have distinct purposes for our communities, we approach the Christian life with a great deal in common. It is for this reason that I am hopeful about the call of a new musician in the next few weeks, as it will serve to deepen our work alongside one another. 

And, finally, a personal note of praise and thanks. This commencement at CDSP on Saturday also marks the final commencement for the Rev. Dr. Mark Richardson as the Dean and President of CDSP, as he is retiring at the end of the month. I could write a whole new reflection about my admiration for Mark––I’ve known him since high school, he served as my advisor at General Seminary, my sparring partner on the basketball court, and I took every class on theology that he offered. But I’ll keep it to the last twelve years of Mark’s service to the Church at CDSP.

I have come to treasure our walks in the neighborhood, our lunches in the courtyard, and the opportunities to partner together to see how the Episcopal Church in the West can thrive. His guidance, and the support that he and his wife Brenda have offered All Souls Parish, has been constant and true. His dedication, integrity, foresight, and willingness to make difficult decisions has served both CDSP and All Souls time and time again. I will miss him dearly, but am looking forward to the many ways that our two Christian communities will partner in the work of the Realm together for years to come.



From the Living Waters Campaign

living-waters-mastheadA Reflection on the Advanced Commitment Gathering by Richard Lynch

After months of talking about renewal of our buildings and the financial generosity to support it, the Living Waters campaign is beginning to receive pledges.  

Last Saturday, Living Waters hosted a reception to receive the first pledges of the campaign.  On a warm evening at St. Clement’s about 60 All Soulsians gathered to share fellowship and inspiration.  And there was a great deal of inspiration. 

Jennifer Akiyama spoke about the need for welcoming spaces that where the connections, joys and sorrows of our lives can play out as we try to follow a life in Christ.   

Irina Wolf Carrier spoke about how her family set their commitment amount by thinking about how much they value All Souls and where they are in the cycle of giving and receiving from the church.  

Marilyn Flood spoke about her emerging sense of our buildings as a central part of the experience as All Soulsians across the generations and how she used that appreciation to help determine her pledge. 

The text of their remarks are here:

Jennifer Akiyama

Irina Wolf Carrier

Marilyn Flood  

As these All Soulsians spoke, from three very different views, the room was moved.  The personal intimacy of each of their stories helped to distill the importance of generosity for renewing our spaces.  

After people had submitted their commitments, more than one or two people said they had decided to increase their commitment after hearing the stories.  More than one or two people said they had given the biggest gift of their lives. 

And something blessed happened last Saturday.  Household after household stretched to give to the Living Waters campaign.  Fifty-four households came together to commit a total of $2,400,000 to the future of All Souls. Praise be to God!

With this heart-felt generosity, we move past fundraising goals and closer to being able to do the work necessary to prepare our spaces for the current, and future, ministries of All Souls.

This Sunday, the Living Waters campaign will be extending its invitation to make commitments to the entire community.  The generosity we have already seen can be a springboard for full and vibrant participation by the entire community.  Every commitment offered to Living Waters brings us together and breathes life into our mission. It is a mission that is drawing people in and reflecting God’s love in the world.  

The renewal of the Living Waters campaign is becoming more tangible by the day.  Now is the time to commit to our future together.  

-Richard Lynch, Living Waters Campaign Chair

Don’t forget that you can find all the information about the Living Water Capital Campaign on our homepage (or click here).

From Parish Life

All Parish Picnic in Tilden – June 12th!

Church in the park and then some! We’re looking forward to bringing our 11:15 service to a beautiful spot in Tilden on Sunday, June 12th. After an open-air Eucharist we will continue the feast with a potluck picnic lunch, games and fun. The 9:00am service on June 12th will be Live Streamed! The 11:15 service at Tilden will not be Live Streamed. 

In past years this has been a really fun event but everyone has to contribute to make it work. All Souls will provide burgers (meat and veggie!) as well as buns, condiments, and paper goods. Please plan to bring drinks, side dishes and other grillables to share.

Here’s a bunch of other things to remember:

  • Bring a picnic blanket and/or chairs
  • Sunscreen (we hope!)
  • Balls or games

We also need (talk to Jeannie Koops):

  • Grill masters!
  • A few coolers
  • A few hardy Souls to stay until the end and help clean up.


Mineral Springs picnic site on Wildcat Canyon Rd. in Tilden. **Note: this is a change in venue from last couple of years!** If you are coming from the Berkeley side, Mineral Springs is on the left between the Brazil Building and Inspiration Point. If you would like a ride to Mineral Springs, gather in the All Souls courtyard at 10:30am.

-Parish Life Committee

Jordan Court Parking Info

Everything you need to know about parking in the new parking garage at Jordan Court

With the opening of Jordan Court, All Soulsians again have a limited opportunity to park on site. Given that only a few spots are available, procedures are needed to ensure that some can access the church through a fair allocation process. Currently, there are only 13 spots available for All Souls in the parking garage (1 disabled, 6 staff, and 6 others). Five of these spots are reserved for the preschool’s use on weekdays till 5:30 pm. Of the 6 staff spots, three are for part-time employees. Several staff spots will therefore be open on occasion.

We are proposing a 3-tiered system to give parishioners who need convenient parking priority for open spots. These people would receive a phone code to get into the parking garage (80 total available) and a combination so they can access the church from the parking garage through the locked doors/gate and elevator of Jordan Court.

Tier 1: Parishioners with disabled placards for their vehicles would have the highest priority to receive the codes and combination if they need them. They would be able to use the disabled spot along with any open All Souls’ spots in the garage during service times or when they come for church business (meetings, social gatherings, etc.) subject to prearranged availability.

Tier 2: Parishioners without disabled placards but who have a need for this due to age or disability (permanent or temporary, such as a broken leg or late pregnancy), would receive the equivalent of “All Souls” placards to be used in the garage. These parishioners would be flagged by committee chairs, ushers and greeters, clergy, etc. and asked if they would like access to a spot, again subject to prearranged availability.

Tier 3: Other members of the parish could request parking privileges in a similar process to Tier 2 church members. Again, availability of parking spots must be prearranged. Priority given to church members who carpool to church with another family.

Due to the limited nature of the parking spots and sensitivity of giving out access codes, members of the general public (i.e. groups that meet at All Souls, etc.) would not be able to access this area.

To request access to the parking garage, please write to Annie, our parish administrator, and let her know to which of these tiers you belong. Annie will set you up with the appropriate information and access to the app that you’ll need to download.

Save the Dates

May 21, All Parish Living Waters Party 5:30-8p (RSVP here)

May 22, Guest speaker Dr. Russell Jeung presentation during the Adult Formation hour

June 5, Pentecost

June 12, Parish Picnic in Tilden (for the 11:15 service)

July 15-17, All Parish Campout

Weekly Worship

Join us at 9am, in-person, outdoor service in the courtyard. This service will move indoors if the weather is below 40 degrees at 8:15a, if the AQI is over 150, or if there is rain.

Or (and!) join us indoors for the 11:15 service or on the live stream at 11:15a, which can be accessed through our website or by tuning into our All Souls Episcopal Parish Facebook page. Click here to watch on Sunday morning. At our 11:15 service, masks are optional.

Then join us in the Parish Hall at 5p Sunday Night Service for a Eucharistic Service.

If you miss a Sunday, you can always catch the sermon on our homepage or as a podcast, anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Wednesday 9am Service

Join the Zoom call here, or join us in person in the Nave at 9a. Password: 520218. 

Living Waters: Renewal for our Second Century Capital Campaign

All-Parish Living Waters Celebration

Come out on May 21st at 5:30p for a party! This is an event for everyone (including families with kids!). We’ll have some remarks by the Living Waters team, and food and drinks, and perhaps even a game. Don’t miss this, our first all church party since Covid hit us two years ago (and since our Stewardship Celebration dinner had to be canceled because of Covid + the atmospheric river that came our way that night). RSVP here.

Adult Formation Classes

This Sunday

We have three classes being offered this Sunday:

  • Reading Between the Lines Bible Study @ 7:30a. Contact Kate Murphy, to join that Zoom call, or join them in the Common Room!
  • Reading Between the Lines Bible Study @ 10:10a. This Bible Study meets in the Chapel downstairs or on Zoom. Contact Daniel Prechtel, to join that Zoom call.
  • Professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, Dr. Russell Jeung will be with us on May 22 during the Adult Formation Hour (10:10-11:10a) to give a talk called, “Be Like Water: An Asian American Christian Response to Racism”. His talk will document the racial trauma that Asian Americans currently face, and what God’s been teaching him about how to heal individually and to effect social change institutionally. By integrating Taoist philosophy with a Christian perspective, Dr. Jeung develops a holistic approach towards racial justice. 10:10-11:10 in the Parish Hall or on Zoom.

Children, Youth, and Family News

  • This Sunday, May 22nd is the last day of the 2021-2022 Program Year! 
  • Kids and youth of all ages are invited to join us in the courtyard at 10:10 to decorate cookies and celebrate the end of a wonderful year!
  • After the 11:15 service, join us for Acolyte and Sound Board training and lunch! More information and RSVP here!
  • Our last regular meeting of Youth Group will also take place Sunday evening from 7:00-8:30pm in the Parish Hall.
  • Save the Date: June 24th, How to Raise an Anti-Racist: a presentation by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
  • Youth in grades 6-12, save the date: June 26th for our Walking Pilgrimage to San Francisco!
  • See the most recent Children and Family Bulletin or Email Maggie for more information about Children, Youth and Family Ministries at All Souls.

Other News & Notes

From Justice & Peace

  • Racial Justice Professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, Dr. Russell Jeung will be with us on May 22 during the Adult Formation Hour (10:10-11:10a) to give a talk called, “Be Like Water: An Asian American Christian Response to Racism”. His talk will document the racial trauma that Asian Americans currently face, and what God’s been teaching him about how to heal individually and to effect social change institutionally. By integrating Taoist philosophy with a Christian perspective, Dr. Jeung develops a holistic approach towards racial justice. Check out his latest article in the Christian Century
  • Small Groups The Law, Criminal Justice, Race, and our Christian call to Justice & Mercy (Matthew 23: 23-24). A 3-session Monday night online discussion series based on the documentary series Philly DA — May 23, June 6 & 20. You watch episodes on your own then join the conversation with other All Soulsians. Email with interest or questions,
  • Racial Justice Dr. Ibram X. Kendi will be speaking at First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley on his new book How To Raise an Antiracist Child in the evening on 6/24. Contact Don Gates to get tickets,
  • Advocacy Pilgrimage Launch and Prayer Ceremony at San Quentin State Prison on May 28th at 10a to send off pilgrims from the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. This spiritual pilgrimage will stop to gather in reflection, prayer and action at the seven ICE detention centers in the state and other significant sites along the way. Join for the launch! see Kaki Logan for more details: or to carpool.

SUMMER BOOK CLUB – PART 1 (June 19 – July 17): A Short Course in Merton

Even as Thomas Merton continually aspired to the more monastic existence, he never disengaged from the most vital political conversations of our modern age, those regarding culture, social justice, literature, and religion. For All Souls’ first summer book club we’ll read two signature works as introduction to Merton in his entirety, touching on his work as social critic and contemplative.

The first three weeks will be devoted to Merwin’s Contemplative Prayer, published in paper and with an introduction by Thich Nhat Hahn. Contemplative Prayer is also available in audio- and e-book formats.

During our final week we’ll focus on his The Wisdom of the Desert, published by New Directions in paperback, also available as an e-book and on Audible. This volume of Merton’s translations of sayings and parables was one of his own favorites—he had hoped to spend his final years in the manner of the fourth century Christian Fathers in the deserts of the Near East, seeking solitude as a hermit. 

June 19-July 17 **Please note: The book club doesn’t meet on July 3rd.

SUMMER BOOK CLUB – PART 2 (July 24 – August 7)

Part 2 – Please Vote for the book we will read in the second half of the summer. Voting will start soon in the narthex.  

We have four possible books for our mid-summer book group. They are: 

Colum McCann Apeirogon: A Novel

Omar al Akkad What Strange Paradise

Charles Blow Fire Shut up in my Bones

Peter Gomes The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart

Longer descriptions will be available soon in the narthex.  Look for the jars and marbles and cast your vote!


Check out Season 5, Episode 18 of the Soulcast!

Meal Train

If you are able to help provide some meals for parishioners in need, please contact Cathy Goshorn to help out! We are in great need at this time to help care for each other––please consider helping other All Soulsians in need by providing meals or gift cards for meals. You can reach Cathy at

Summer Camp

Click here for information about the Diocese of California’s Summer Camps!